Fly with a Spitfire

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Fly With A Spitfire

Last Saturday was just a fantastic day, from start to finish. Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to get so close to some really wonderful participants in aviation history – and participants in our nation’s history. The team were all very welcoming and helpful, and full of interesting information.
Fly With A Spitfire - Paul, Gill, Arthur Hicks

Fly With A Spitfire experiences with Aero Legends represent the UK’s most affordable way to get close to the Supermarine Spitfire. Fly with A Spitfire event days can be booked across four weekends between April and October. We offer are a range of Fly With A Spitfire flight experiences, giving you the exclusive opportunity to fly in close formation with the Spitfire and capture her majesty and grace in the air from a passenger aircraft. Soon after take-off you will be thrilled as the Spitfire draws alongside, flying in the very airspace where some of the most intense battles were fought. The sight of the Spitfire being put through its paces takes your breath away and your heart races as you imagine the emotions of the pilots in ‘the long hot summer of 1940’.

You can buy a loved one a Fly Wth A Spitfire experience as a gift. We will email a flight voucher to you and deliver a close encounter with a Spitfire to remember for a lifetime. You, your family and friends are welcome to take close-up photos of the Spitfire and any other aircraft from the safety of our exclusive operations area. Choose to Fly from former WW2 RAF airfields – Headcorn Aerodrome, Kent or North Weald Airfield, Essex/Cambridgeshire.

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