Your Stories

I just wanted to email you, to thank you for a fantastic day yesterday. Everyone at Aero Legends was really friendly, helpful and attentive throughout the day, and Parky was an absolute pleasure to talk to. All 3 of us were blown away by it, which surpassed our expectations…….a truly fantastic experience and a memory all 3 of us will treasure, particularly having the experience together.

Fly With A Spitfire – Chris, John & John Read

Just want to say thank you for a fabulous day today. Richard has really enjoyed his experience and it was a pleasure to watch. Wishing you continued success with your flights.

Fly With A Spitfire - Liz & Richard Shannon

We just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful day yesterday. From booking to the day of the Spitfire experience all went to plan and my husband had a great time.

Fly With A Spitfire - Tracey & Arthur Hunt

Just to say a huge thank you for Saturday, we had a wonderful time and are still processing the excitement of actually sitting in a Spitfire and flying alongside one. Special thanks to you all for being so welcoming and professional, so very generous with your time.

Fly With A Spitfire - Hilary & John Wood

I just wanted to congratulate you all on making my dads Spitfire Experience such a wonderful day! It was a fantastic morning and dad had the best time ever. Everything ran smoothly and he was overwhelmed by it all. Thanks again for helping his dream come true !

Fly With A Spitfire - Linzi Thilthorpe & John Ewen

A massive “Thank You” for a truly fantastic day yesterday. The flight was everything I expected it to be, and even a bit more. Your team made the whole day truly superb for us all and I have a sneaky suspicion I may be back one day!!!

Fly In A Spitfire - Tim & Sarah Wood

I’m sure Parky has countless photos of himself, but here are a few more for his
(and your collection). Also, my thanks to you for squeezing me in on the Sunday Fly with a Spitfire event.

Fly With A Spitfire – Peter Edmond

We have sent some snaps from the Fly With A Spitfire on Sunday. We had a great day so thanks very much!

Fly With A Spitfire - Karen & David Leahy

Just to say a big thank-you to all involved with Jane’s birthday Tiger Moth flight this afternoon.
She enjoyed it immensely and is still smiling about it this evening,one to remember!

Tiger Moth Flights - Andrew Jones & Jane Wickins

I would like to thank you all for such a wonderful day last Thursday 28th July 2016, when my husband Andrew had his flight in the Spitfire. It was wonderful that our family, who had made a long journey that day, were able to join us and enjoy the whole experience.

Fly In A Spitfire - Andrew & Lorraine Vidler

Last Saturday was just a fantastic day, from start to finish. Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to get so close to some really wonderful participants in aviation history – and participants in our nation’s history. The team were all very welcoming and helpful, and full of interesting information.

Fly With A Spitfire - Paul, Gill, Arthur Hicks

Regarding my flight in the Harvard last Friday of which I was quite nervous after receiving it as a 60th birthday present. May I congratulate you for giving me a fantastic experience I truly enjoyed it, everyone was so friendly and relaxed.

Harvard Flights - Stephen Lovell

Just a line to say what a superb experience I had flying in the Tiger Moth last Saturday. Almost seemed surreal . The pilot was fantastic, calm, clear and friendly which indeed made the experience all the much better. Thank you for making my day.

Tiger Moth Flights - Tim Cowen
Tiger Moth Flight

We could not let this week end without saying a big ‘thank you’ to you all for a brilliant afternoon this week. I had the most memorable experience flying over Leeds Castle in your World War II RAF de Havilland Tiger Moth trainer. The afternoon, meeting and talking with you all really was the icing on the cake for me.

Tiger Moth Flights - John & Alexis Clarke

Shirley Smith

My Dad was able to sit in the Spitfire and fly in the Devon, which he has never flown in, so that was quite a bonus! Thank you so much again for such a memorable day, my Dad still has not stopped talking about it, he was quite overwhelmed by the experience I think. Apologies again for not having written sooner. Best wishes.

Sue Wyatt

My husband Ian has not stopped talking about the flight alongside the Spitfire since he got off the plane. There was so much happening at the airfield we ended up staying all day and loved watching the other Spitfire flights go off as well as watching the Tiger Moth coming in & out. We can’t recommend this company enough,they are brilliant!

David Baldwin – Coventry

Thank you for a totally awesome and unforgettable day. The Fly-Alongside experience is amazing, and exceeded all my expectations. You are all excellent hosts making everyone feel special. I was on the flight pictured above and it is as awesome in the Dove as it looks from outside. Special kudos to Ben Cox and Brian Smith for their excellent aerial choreography.

Julie Pout – Kent

I would like to say thank you for such an enjoyable day on Saturday. My whole family have been raving about it and enjoyed it as much as me. Flying in the De Havilland Dove finished off the experience. Once again, thank you so very much – Aero Legends absolutely made one of the best days I have ever had.

Steve Jennings – Wokingham

I am just coming back to earth after Saturday’s experience, thank you. Your welcome was warm and friendly. Your introduction was informative and showed your passion for the Spitfire, those who flew it and those who maintained it, but even that did not prepare me for the experience which followed, wow! To fly in formation with a Spitfire, in the very sky where the Battle of Britain was fought, over landmarks so familiar to me from books and films was something I will never forget. Fantastic. At one point, the Spitfire dropped back into our 6 o’clock position, weaving a little then he disappeared. For a moment, I was a German airman, imagining him lining me up in his sights and waiting for hits from the 20mm cannon and .303 machine gun rounds.
Back on the ground, to get so close to that magical aircraft was a memory I will always treasure.

Once again, thank you all for a wonderful day. I feel privileged to have experienced it and I wish you all the very best for the


With warmest regards,

Steve Jennings

Battle of Britain Heritage Spitfire Experience Flight 16/05/15

Peter Pittorino – Bath To Sydney
Dear Chris,

I just wanted to thank you and Shelley and all the staff involved with my “Spitfire Experience” yesterday. Everyone was kind, professional and went out of their way to ensure I was loaded and unloaded from the aircraft without incident.

I know that people with disabilities make all your jobs a little bit more difficult. Believe me I wish I didn’t.
So please thank everyone, on my behalf. I will sing your praises from Bath to Sydney.

All the best.
God bless.
pete pittorino

Andy & Liz Davies. – Scunthorpe
Dear Action Stations,

We wanted to drop you a line to express our warmest thanks for an absolutely thrilling day on Saturday 16th May 2015.As you are aware, the flight was a present from Liz for my special birthday ( half way to a telegram ) and what a gift it turned out to be! Having talked throughout the day you are aware that I am deeply interested in this era of aviation and more than a little fond of both the Spitfire and the Hurricane ( we all have our favourite naturally and little has changed that one for me! ). I am sure you meet many people like me but you showed a great interest IN my interest………..that was nice. You also delayed the first flight by one hour to give us a better experience, that turned out be a good move! To fly alongside such a historic and pretty aircraft is such a privilege, but to do so in the very airspace that so many young men bravely and tirelessly did in the summer of 1940 has left a permanent mark on my memory, I feel very honoured to have had the opportunity to do just that! The flying is pure artistry and shows off the Spifire`s elegance and performance so perfectly. It really illustrated how it must have felt to be `bounced` in a 109 ( or indeed to be bounced BY a 109! )………………….first you see him……………….now you don`t!!

We were met warmly and it was clear that every member of staff is knowledgeable and keen to help. It is clearly a very busy day for you all but nothing was too much trouble at any stage, I was made to feel very welcome. I felt it is more than a business to you and it clearly is, as an enthusiast it is so lovely to see such a passion on display all day! Thank you for having such a great idea that allows us to enjoy such a wonderful time.

The flight is obviously the highlight of the experience, however, getting up close and personal with the Spitfire in such a lovely setting on the ground was a sheer joy for me. The added bonus of being allowed to feel the aircraft and almost hear her telling her own stories was very emotional and I had to keep pinching myself!. To witness the Spitfire start up and depart at such close quarters is just amazing……………the noise and the smell takes you straight to that summer, it is a very evocative experience and again one that will live with me forever.

The visit to the memorial was also very good, I could really imagine the huge swarms of German aircraft heading over the coastline!

I took so many photos and videos and I will simply throw them all your way ( may need a few e mails……..sorry! ), please feel free to do as you wish with them. They were all shot with a simple Iphone 6, while some show the difficulty regarding focus I hope it illustrates how one can obtain very good results without a `proper` camera ( apart from that pesky `frozen` prop issue ).

Once again I would wish you all the very best for the future and I hope you continue to give many more people the pleasure we derived from the brilliant day we had!

Andy & Liz Davies.
Spitfire Experience

Mark B. – Hythe

Thought it was about time to send you these few words, well more than a few. What an amazing summers day it was on Saturday 14th June 2014. Everything more than met my expectations. My family & I thoroughly enjoyed the time, it was great to view both fighters up close & even more to see them flying over, the noise of the Merlin’s still sends shivers down my back, I’m smiling now just remembering the day. Thanks to all your team for making it a fabulous day all round, Oh & a great big thank you to my mum who treated me to best ever 50th birthday present a son could receive.


Will S. – Kent
Good evening Go Action Stations,

I know its a bit late but finally getting around to sorting my photos of the great day I had with you in September.

Thanks for a brilliant and unforgettable experience. Looking forward to the Fly with a Mosquito experience!

Kind regards,

Raili C.
Dear Action Stations,
My sincere thanks to you for a truly memorable and happy day. To be able to watch the Lancaster in the air at such a close distance was fantastic. For me being in the Lancaster or flying close to it is very emotional and special because of my late husband of over 45 years and I am very grateful that I have been able to experience all this. Everything on that day was well organized and went smoothly. The icing on the cake was the beautiful picture of this magnificent aircraft which we received as a reminder of this wonderful and momentous day.

Thank you again and all the best in the future to all of you.
Kind regards,

Phil C.
A huge thanks to you for overcoming the many obstacles and making such a memorable day happen for so many of us.

All the best,


Paul E.
Dear Action Stations,
I really, really, really want to say just how much I enjoyed the Lancaster event on Wednesday 27th August. It was a magnificent and moving experience and so hard to put into words but it was worth the delays and the five and a half hour drive to take part. I would like to express my deepest appreciation and thanks for all of the hard work that you and your team put into making it all work so well. The Lancaster flight commemorative picture already hangs on my study wall, next to the “Fly with a Spitfire” experience photograph and all that remains for me to do is to plough through the several hundred photographs that I took to see if any of them are any good! If I get one or two nice ones, I will email you copies.

Once again, my thanks for all of your hard work. Please pass on my thanks to Elliot and Shelley too.

Kind regards

Hedley H.
Dear Action Stations,
I know I thanked you all on the day but I would just like to say another big thank you for giving me such a fantastic day. Thanks again for organising my wife’s ground pass – she thoroughly enjoyed the day and you and your staff made her very welcome too. To be able to fly so close to a Lancaster is a dream for most people but in my case it became a reality. The whole experience was very emotional and made you think about how bomber command crew went up night after night in very hostile conditions. A big thank you also to the CWHM aircrew who did some magnificient flying to get as close to us as possible and at one point I thought we could have shaken hands!!

Finally, If anyone is half thinking of going on this experience my advice to them would be do it. It is a once in a lifetime experience. Its well worth the money.

I would be more than happy for you to use all any of these comments on your website as feedback.

Best wishes,

Gillian S.
Dear Action Stations,
I would like to thank you for the very warm welcome my brother David and I received on our memorial visit to Humberside on the 27th August, 2014.
My flight along side the Canadian Lancaster was a once in a life time experience for me as it was my late fathers wish to visit Canada and his ex crew of 514 squadron he never made. (The pilot Don McDonald still living I write to and has sent many photos from Mt.Hope.)
We would also like to pass our thanks to Shelly, Alistair and the pilots of the Piper Chieftain.
Yours sincerely,

David B.

Big thank you to all for today’s morning flight with Vera. Everyone made it go so well.
Big smile and full memory card!

Hopefully I can make it down to Kent some day to fly again.
Thanks again

testimonial_dk[1]Dennis Keep, ex- Spitfire Pilot
Dear Action Stations,

I feel I must write and thank you all for the wonderful day out at Lydd. When the family gave me the ticket for my 90th birthday I said that I never envisaged flying alongside a Spitfire again and was quite overwhelmed. The experience I had on Friday was unbelievable. You and your comrades went out of your way to make it one of the days of my life, so much so that it gave a real boost to my ego.

Once again thank you all for giving me such a wonderful day. I enclose a snap to show what 70 years does. Thanks for the memory.

J & FW – Surrey
Words cannot convey the fantastic day we had last Friday. The whole experience was brilliant and thank you so much for so kindly agreeing to my son, to attach his video camera to a window of the plane. I understand he is sending or has already sent you a copy of this video – we watched it last evening and what happy memories this brought back to us. Your idea is fabulous and long may you continue to give so much enjoyment to so many enthusiasts.

Please thank all your friendly staff. We just will never forget the very special day and am telling all our friends of the fantastic day we spent. Thank you again so much.

MT – Herts
Just about got back on ground from cloud 9 Nothing really prepared me for the experience on Friday and it was a million times better than I thought it would be. The most memorable bit for me was when the spitfire joined us for the first time in the air and was amazed at if how close it was. Truly very remarkable. Thanks to you all for such a wonderful experience and I wish you all the future success so this can be experienced by many people for years to come.

NB – Wokingham
Just thought I would drop you a line to say what an amazing day it was on Friday 18th. More than met my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A fabulous day all round. Thanks to yourself and your excellent team – superb all round.

D.R. – London

Dear staff of Go Action Stations, please accept my most sincere thanks for an incredible day which I shall never forget.

I flew on the double fighter flight on the 14th September 2013, and 24 hours later, I am still grinning from ear to ear.

As well as the day being fantastic personally, I feel a greater appreciation for those brave men (& woman) of RAF Fighter Command during the summer of 1940.

I wish your venture every success and look forward to flying again with you soon.

Very Kind Regards

G.E. – Blackpool
Dear Action Stations,

Yesterday turned out to be one of the most memorable days of my life, despite the date (although marginal visibility did delay things a wee while!). Flying so close to the Spitfire, and then getting up ‘close and personal’ witwas fantastic and something I will remember for ever. Hopefully I will be able to repeat the experience on a future date.

Good luck and best regards

D.M. – East Sussex

The 25th July was a wonderful day for me, I had reached my 80th birthday & the family were determined I would not forget it. It was all kept secret & the night before I was told I was having a helicopter flight. That was exciting enough but on reaching Lydd I learned the rest of the flight was with a Spitfire with a further added bonus of the Hurricane as well. The experience was out of this world & something never to be forgotten. The visit after to walk round the planes & to meet the pilots was a day to remember forever. Thank you to all who made this day possible.

David I.
Hi Steve,
Just to let you know, my wife and I had a fantastic day last Friday.
The flight alongside the Spitfire was absolutely amazing, with Charlie Brown ducking and diving and dancing around the helicopter.
I managed to get some great photographs, and video shots.
The visit to the Memorial was a very moving experience which I will never forget.
Also the opportunity to see both the Spitfire and Hurricane at close quarters on the ground was special.
I had many questions to ask, but in the excitement of the day forgot to ask most of them. Taking note of your advice, I did not spend all the time during the flight using the camera, but just watched the Spitfire flying close by.
I know that it must take super human efforts to get all the ducks in a line, for a specific day and time when so many things can interfere with your plans; weather, aircraft problems etc.

So, many thanks to yourself, Shelly, Michelina and the other young lady who was there last Friday.

Not forgetting Charlie and the Hurricane pilot, and Robin at the Memorial.
I found the whole experience very moving, you are doing a great job in the memory of ‘THE FEW’

Best regards + Tally-Ho
David I. Platinum Customer

Ian B. – Herefordshire
As a lot of people have already said, an incredibly memorable experience, certainly amongst the best that I have done, and your whole team were just brilliant on the day.

Andrew S. – Wigan
Good morning Hayley,
I thought I would give you some feedback on my morning on the 14th June. It probably rates as one of the best days I have ever experienced, I smiled and cried all at the same time. I have never been in a helicopter, never mind flown alongside such an Iconic Plane and had a personal (it felt like it) flying display. Strangely time stood still and Jill said I was speechless… not often lost for words. My Pilot Brian was brilliant kind and professional.

During my trip I lost my glasses which would have been a disaster as we were away from home for 3 days, your crew could not have done more eventually finding them on the final pass! Many thanks to all who searched.

My advice change nothing, keep it simple, people come for the plane and are humbled by its presence that’s enough.

The following week end I went to the Yeovilton air show and watched the Spitfire fly by from the RAF… Not a patch on Charlie and having had your experience nothing will ever quite match YOUR DAY.

Many thanks, I hope we meet again.

Stuart Humphrey – World War 11 Re-Enactors Magazine

This experience was truly the best ever one I have ever had, it truly blows away any other ‘red letter day’

. As the Spitfire and Hurricane both race across your flight path across the White cliffs of Dover, the fever of the heart increases and you can feel your pupils dilate in sheer exhilaration, as your helicopter matches speed with the two finest war birds ever produced in WWII. The team and hospitality are simply second to none, you will be dining out on this experience for many years to come.

Charles W. – Arundel
Dear Steve,
First of all , thank you so much for arranging and organising such a fantastic , thoroughly enjoyable and emotive day, or in our case two days! As I told you, it was such a wonderful concept that you came up with. You have quite evidently thought about the whole experience, how to present it and the passion that you show and what you are trying to achieve comes over clearly from the start.

To get up close to the Spitfire is an experience that many enthusiasts, let alone pilots, just won’t be able to achieve, but to fly next to one is just breath-taking. Thank you Steve, what a wonderful thing you have done. As Annie said driving home , to see people so ecstatically happy is a rare thing indeed!

Very best wishes, CW

Kathy D. – Dyfed, Pembrokeshire
Dear Steve
You were absolutely right about the location at Pent Farm, we were totally thrilled with the atmosphere and the experience of being so close to the Spitfire & Hurricane, seeing them take off, land and fly over the airstrip. We found it extremely emotional and amazingly thrilling. It was also incredibly well organised – thank you for an unforgettable memory – just what we wanted to celebrate my husband’s 70th!

Chris C. – Banstead, Surrey
Dear Steve, Michelina and all the crew,
On behalf of all the Carter crowd on 15th September (Battle of Britain Day), I just wanted to say how much everyone in our party, flying and spectating, enjoyed the day laid on for us by you and your staff including helicopter pilots and ground crew.

As you know, I had this special day planned for almost a year, and I am sure that during this time there wasn’t a day that I didn’t anticipate how good a day it would be for us all. Well! You and all your support staff excelled and exceeded our expectations to a higher plane!! I could write pages and pages of details of how we were treated so well at your brilliantly devised tribute to the people that were so brave over the white cliffs of Dover 71 years ago. Without a doubt, to be privileged to share those skies with a Spitfire and Hurricane was a fantastic experience never to be forgotten.

To be able to close the day in the presence of your two beautiful aeroplanes at an end of day hangar party culminating with a veteran and his mascot dog trumpeting the last post in the sun set over the spitfire and hurricane was just a sight to behold.

The sounds of the 40’s played by the band in the hangar party and chatting with all the other guests which shared our unique experience on that day, was a perfect end to a perfect day. A special thank you to pilots Charlie Brown (Spitfire) and Dave Harvey (Hurricane).

Thank you,

Paul R. – Sheffield
Dear Steve,
Thank you! On July 30th 2011 I enjoyed the experience of a lifetime when I flew in a helicopter alongside Flt Lt. Charlie Brown in your beautiful Spitfire along the South Coast.

My wonderful wife had arranged all of this for my 50th Birthday. She came across your website quite by chance and I was amazed as I did not know that your company existed, or that such a marvellous experience existed once she had arranged everything.

What a fantastic day I had. My flight was not until 4.30pm but at 10.00am two helicopters along with your Spitfire flew over where I was staying in Hawkinge. What a great start to a great day that turned out to be. I took numerous photos of the Spitfire in flight and was worried that I would use up my camera battery and digital card before I got off the ground!

We visited Capel le Ferne to see the Battle of Britain Memorial and were greeted with a large crowd who had also gathered at the memorial to watch your Spitfire fly overhead. Again more photos were taken as Charlie did a Victory Roll above our heads.

The day was perfect, the sky was blue, the sun was shining and the French coast could be clearly seen on the horizon from the Memorial. It really brought home exactly how close Britain actually was to the enemy during the Battle of Britain.

My wife had also paid for me to have a Ground Viewing of the Spitfire and the location of the ground viewing had been changed the day before my flight from the airfield 40 minutes away at Manston Airport to Pent Farm 15 minutes away from where we were staying. This turned out to be another stroke of genius on your part!

From the Memorial at Capel le Ferne we travelled to Pent Farm for a Ground Viewing of the Spitfire. I had no idea what to expect but upon arrival I spotted the Spitfire in a field. It was so easy to imagine that I was being transported back to 1940. There was no tarmac in sight or any building other than the farm. It was the perfect location for the “ULTIMATE” experience. It was like being on a film set.

The ground viewing of the Spitfire at Pent Farm was unbelievable! I half expected to see groups of young men sat around on the grass waiting to scramble into their aircraft to meet the enemy. (If ever you need ‘extras’ to sit around on the grass to ‘pretend’ to be pilots to enhance your customer’s Spitfire experience, please, please, please put my name down!)

Being able to look and touch this beautiful aeroplane at close quarters without hordes of people also jostling you was a real privilege and it left me spellbound and quite speechless.

Once the Ground Viewing was over we had to quickly drive back to Capel le Ferne for my flight. I was desperate to see the Spitfire take off but I couldn’t risk missing the opportunity of flying alongside it later on.

I was one of five guys in our helicopter and we were all giggling like big kids as we awaited our turn in the helicopter.

When we took off, we were searching the sky for the Spitfire to come and join us. What a thrill we had when it zoomed past us to accompany us along the South Coast to the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel le Ferne.

I was armed with two cameras, spare batteries and spare digital cards to get as many photos as I could and I am thrilled with all of the photos that I took at the Ground Viewing and in the air.

After our flight was over, we five guys were all smiling from ear to ear and chattering like a bunch of excited schoolchildren about what we had just experienced, AND WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!

After being dropped off back at the Memorial, my wife and I and our twin daughters drove back to Pent Farm as I was desperate to see the Spitfire land (or take off). Sadly it had landed when we arrived. We were told it was flying again the following day but I had already promised my twin daughters that we would go to the beach the following day, so I resigned myself to the fact that it was a missed opportunity.

On the Sunday, I woke early and decided that I would drive to Pent Farm on my own to see the Spitfire take off for its first flight of the morning. WHAT A THRILL!!! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!! WHAT A SOUND!!!!

With my video in hand, I waited to hear the Spitfire’s engine roar as it started up and it sent shivers down my spine when it did. I watched it turn and taxi to the top of the field and then run down the field to take off. I can hear myself on my video saying to myself “OH MY GOD”!

Flying alongside the Spitfire was “AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME!” But I would have been equally as pleased if my wife had only paid for me to watch and to hear the Spitfire start up and take off… I’m obviously, easily pleased!

Everyone of your ground staff, helicopter pilots, shuttle drivers and escorts, including Michelina and yourself were just wonderful. Everyone was friendly and helpful and were more than happy to take photos of us standing alongside the Spitfire and with Charlie. Sadly, I didn’t get much chance to talk to Charlie as he was monopolised by others in my group, but I did get my photo taken with him.

Charlie is probably the most perfect flyer you could have got to fly the Spitfire because with his handlebar moustache he looked as though he would have been quite at home in the 1940s!

I am still going through all of my photographs and sorting the wheat from the chaff. So far I have a number that I am highly delighted with. In fact I have turned them into a rotating desktop slideshow for my computer.

I intend to have my photos collated into a book to remember the day and when it is printed, if I send it to you, would it be possible for you and Charlie to autograph it for me please?

Flying with Action Stations alongside a Supermarine Spitfire was for me a childhood dream realised that I never imagined would, or could ever be fulfilled!

Steve Burt is a genius for coming up with this truly unique experience. I wish I had thought of it!

Ken, Neill & family – Essex
Dear Michelina
I’d like to thank you and your Company for such a great day. The weather was perfect (not sure how you arranged that one), the venue fantastic and the organisation beyond reproach.

Ken had one of the best experiences in his 75 years – he was really blown away and quite emotional afterwards.

My family and I enjoyed the day hugely as ground spectators, the humbling magnificence of the Memorial and the sight / sound of the Spitfire overhead was truly wonderful.

Taking a seat on the ‘copter myself is now definitely towards the top of my ‘to do’ list!

Attached are a few photos from the day – please feel free to include them on your website if you deem them worthy…

Thanks again

Rob and Janine L. – Kent
Dear Steve,
I know I said it to you on the day, and Janine’s emailed you as well but I just wanted to say thanks again for such a brilliant opportunity to see the Spitfire. The small farm strip was an amazing backdrop – in some of the photos there is nothing to date them and it could almost be 1940! I have posted a few shots on an aviation photography forum and although I’ve remained tight lipped about the venue, (I wouldn’t want to give away such a special setting) it’s got a few people talking about Action stations! I also made it onto the photos of the week with one of the shots!

Chris C. – Berkshire
Stephen and Michelina,
What a day, it was just as I had hoped for and more! We were lucky with the weather but everything that could have been planned worked like clockwork and resulted in a brilliant day for my family and me.

We had a very pleasant and comfortable stay in the Black Pig (which you had recommended) and the lunch we had in the Spitfire room at the Jackdaw, with all the history of the Battle of Britain film, was just perfect.

I particularly want to thank you and Michelina for looking after my family so well. I only learnt after the event at lunch in the Jackdaw how well you cared for them providing them with drinks and chairs and keeping them informed of the programme, so that they knew when and where to be to get the best view and have a chance to meet up with me.

Thank you both for a wonderful day I will always remember

John B. – Hampshire
Just a few words to say a big thank you to you and the whole team for such a memorable day.

As a reward from my Employer for starting with them 51years ago I could not have wished for a better surprise.

The video footage I managed to get from the Aviator seat was excellent and made good viewing for family and friends alike.

From my days as a young lad when I made just about every kit there was of the Spitfire to actually meeting one in “real life” is something I will live with me forever.

This is an experience I would recommend to anyone whether they are aeroplane fanatics or not.

Worth every penny.

Once again thanks for a great day.

John B, Hampshire

Richard and Gill V. – Bristol
Both Gill and I were thrilled with the whole day. We thought that the mix of professionalism and informality was absolutely spot on. Everyone, from yourself to the helicopter staff and pilots, and of course Charlie, made us feel as though the entire day was for our benefit alone. I think this was brought home to me, when our pilot noticed that I was straining to see the Spitfire, past him. I heard him radio Charlie and ask him if he could ‘just go up another ten feet’. Charlie obliged and I had a lovely view. How can you ask for more!

Nick G.
To all at Action Stations! thanks a million for making a dream come true. To fly alongside a Spitfire, flown with such skill, is about as close as you can be to flying one.

I was given this as a gift by my daughters and could not have imagined how I would feel at that moment when the Spitfire was so close to the helicopter I felt I could have reached out and tweaked Charlie’s moustache! The location is perfect and my family enjoyed the spectacle from the ground and looking around the Memorial. I was in the aviator seat but the pilots made sure that everyone on board got a close up view.

So well done again for a brilliant idea.

I congratulate and thank all those involved from yourself and Steve to the ground crew and pilots.

Professional from booking to end. I will recommend your trip to everyone.

Nick G

Chris, Michelle and Rio – Spain
Do not change anything. It was an amazing day.

If I had been asked to write down what I could hope to get out of the day – it far exceeded anything I could have expected or hoped for.

Organisation – First class!

Thanks to all of you.

Patrick M. – Birmingham
Dear Steve,
Had a few days now to reflect and it really was a fantastic experience, I am still grinning like a small boy!
The weather couldn’t really spoil things, I don’t think anyone who lives in this country expects clear blue skies and the pilots found a pocket of sunshine anyway.

I thought Charlie and the helicopter pilots were magnificent, particularly in the way they co-ordinated themselves, something which I imagine is very difficult was made to look so easy and I was struck how much thought they put into the positioning, Jeremy was flying ours and he went round the monument twice to make sure both sides had had a good view. All in all very impressive.

Thanks again for a wonderful time and best wishes for the future.

Rob L. – Maidstone
Dear Steve,
May I take the opportunity to thank you for running such flights – what a brilliant way to see warbirds in such a way.
I wish you all the best in continuing to provide such flights and I will be in touch about going up again when I can!

Gavin S. – West Sussex
The experience was quite simply amazing, a must for any enthusiast, from meeting the pilot, getting close to the Spitfire then witnessing the plane in action, the victory roll the pilot executed at the close of the session gave me goose bumps! Memories to last a lifetime…

Earle and Anne L. (Castle Vale Christian Fellowship Youth Project)
Dear Michelina,
Just to say we had a fantastic day with you all and a very special thank you to Steve and Charlie Brown for the special time spent talking to the young people and encouraging them so much , with the history of the Spitfire and the acknowledgement of the role played by our local area.

As you know, this was a brilliant finale to our local history and film making project and we look forward to sending you the finished product.

The children really enjoyed the whole day-even those who were just watching, and you all made us so very welcome-so thank you so much. Will be in touch soon,

Best Wishes,
Earle and Anne Largie (Castle Vale Christian Fellowship Youth Project)!

Simon P.
Dear Steve,
As promised, please find enclosed a disc with a selection of my favourite shots from Saturday – a truly memorable experience, made all the more special by the significance of the date (March 5th, 2011 – the 75th Anniversary of the first flight of K5054)

Good luck with your continuing endeavours with this venture – it deserves every success!

Mrs. P – Aberdare, South Wales
This was supposed to be a special present for my husband to celebrate his 80th birthday, as upto last week he was the only Spitfire devotee in the family.

What it actually became was a fantastic day out for my sons and myself also.

I have of course always been aware of the Spitfire’s history & respected it & moreover the men that flew them – but had never understood the passion they aroused.

To view one on the ground gave rise to the realisation of how vulnerable – how small they are – and sadness for all the lives that were lost. But on reaching the Memorial site, and seeing this graceful, beautiful icon actually flying over our heads, & the moves it was capable of performing along with the warm sounds of its’ engine ( as opposed to the drone of modern ones) I honestly felt as if my heart turned over, as I was turning around and around in order not to miss one second. I had tears running down my face and I could hear myself muttering “Oh my God, look at that”, and various other phrases.

Whoever thought this idea out has our eternal thanks!
(P.S. We thought that the Memorial site was the perfect place to end this experience.)

Dan – Oxfordshire
We had a fantastic day that ran to time and ended in a truly memorable flight for James and I, it is hard to make a suggestion that could improve on it.

I have attached some photos for the gallery, but the best picture was the look on my son’s face when he got off the helicopter, that one will live in my memory for a very long time.

Karen S. – Herne Bay
My grandad had a brilliant day – thank you so much for helping make it a surprise.

I would recommend you to anybody.

Once again thank you so much, xxx

Garry And Tracey – Leeds
Dear Michelina,
I must say what an amazing experience – words cannot express the feeling as I’m sure you hear all the time, but I was very impressed not to mention emotional.

Kind Regards Garry And Tracey, Leeds

John and Jean – St Margarets Bay, Kent
I would just like to thank you for such a fantastic experience last Saturday, and also to thank Jean for arranging the flight for my Birthday.

What can I say, Fantastic ! Fantastic ! Fantastic ! Can’t wait until you get the “Mossi” up and running, what an idea. Thank’s again for a dream day, My family enjoyed the air-display from the ground, then to top it all, being close to the Spitfire at Manston was the icing on the cake. Thank’s for a dream day.

Louise M. – Kent
Dear Michelina,
Thank you to you and all the people involved on Saturday 9th April. You made it such a memorable day for the whole family.

My dad said it was one of the greatest days of his life. Thank you once again.

Roger S. – Worcestershire
Many thanks for a great day. I posted up my ‘day’ on a woodworking forum that I frequent. If you’re interested then it’s here

Pam and Jim W. – Folkestone
Thanks again for a most memorable day, I have had some wonderful adventure experiences all over the world but this takes the biscuit – no cake!

Derek P. – Canterbury
Could you make one significant recommendation that would improve the experience for future customers?
‘No I could not. It was a perfect day. Many thanks to you all for making it so!’

Stuart McK. – Birmingham
Hi Michelina,
WOW what a morning, I am still flying!!! , it was totally amazing and very emotional, I have sent an attachment of some of my photos for your file and for everyone else.

Marc and Celia – Broadstairs
Hi Steve, Ruth and John,
Many thanks for yesterday – it was fantastic! Celia and I really enjoyed our day. The helo flight with the Spitfire was brilliant!

Charles W., Maidenhead
Dear Steve I hope you like the photos. I’ve already bored friends, family, and work colleagues with them but I think they’re great and I for one am happy to continue re-living such a brilliant day! Both Adele and I had a terrific time, and it goes without saying that I enjoyed myself immensely.

Jim K. Leicester
Just a quick note of thanks for a most awesome and unique experience enjoyed by all the family. Very well worth waiting for.

Jeremy Watterson – Platinum Customer, Battle of Britain Day, September 15th, 2010
Steve, Charlie, Brian, and all of your team

Thank you for a fantastic day. Steve, thank you for secretly conspiring with my Jacquie to make this all happen.

Almost close enough to touch a legend in flight. The view from the helicopter piloted by Brian was superb, with Charlie perforoming on all sides for everyone to get some great photos.

This completed a trail to follow and experience the planes my father trained in and flew. Flying a Tiger Moth and getting to look round a Harvard in Liverpool, and seeing a Vb in action the same as the Squadron 91 Spitfires of Hawkinge from early 1943 befiore they moved to West Hampnet with Mk XIIs.

Thank all, and to all the enthusiasts on the flight, you all made it a great day.

Jeremy W. , Isle of Man

Dick D. – Berkshire.
HI Steve
How can I put it into words! Amazing doesn’t really do it!

Whenever I talk about my day flying with the ‘Spitfire’ I can’t stop smiling. Meeting the pilot Charlie Brown and him showing us his flying skills in this wonderful aircraft – Awesome – you could almost see the ‘whites of his eyes’ he was so close, I’m sure our helicopter pilot shut his eyes a couple of times.

Thank you Steve and all your team for making this a very memorable occasion.

Pauline B. – London
Dear Steve
Just to say how much Nick and his brother John enjoyed their experience last week on their Battle of Britain Memorial day – they said it was absolutely brilliant and the timing couldn’t have been better.

Mark B. – Skerton, Lancashire
Let me begin by expressing my immense gratitude at being given such a wonderful opportunity by yourself.

In ones life, if we are lucky, occasionally a day comes along when we can say no matter how much time or money I have there is nowhere in the world I would rather be than at this place, at this time, with these people!

You gave me such a feeling as this, and mere words cannot express my gratitude. An occasion such as this brings together so many emotions and feelings, your brilliant idea to give people the very rare experience to become part of such a day ,which I am sure will live with them always, is both exceptional and outstanding.

You remarked that my Father was with us that day, I am sure you were right, as indeed were all of “the few” to remember their great sacrifice and cherish our freedom to enjoy such days as the one you created on September the 15Th. All power to your elbow Sir, Both Vanessa and myself are hoping to join you and BN597 again next year, (for my 50th!), we will keep in touch.

David De Breucker – Brussels – Belgium
“As a Belgian fan of the Supermarine Spitfire, I want to thank Stephen and all the team of “Action stations! A4A Ltd” for giving us the unique opportunity to fly “with” a real Spit above the cliffs of Dover on 15th September 2010.

In the past, I used to watch many Spitfires in flight – mostly during warbirds air shows – but I was totally unprepared to see what I saw on that day: the grace of the “spit” flying around us and above the English countryside is an exceptional beauty.

Many thanks for your welcome, the incredible organisation and must of all for giving us this chance.”

Tony & Mary H., Hemel Hempstead – Platinum, Battle of Britain Day, Wednesday September 15th, 2010
Dear Steve,
Thank you for providing the opportunity to be part of a very memorable experience, made all the more poignant by being in that special place on that very special of days. Both myself and Mary really enjoyed our day, meeting some wonderful people in the most elegant of surroundings.

Rob B. Essex – Gold Flight, Battle of Britain Day, Sept 15th 2010
Hi Steve,
Firstly many thanks for a fantastic, memorable experience. I was part of the Buttling party (Rowdy Richard and brother Tim) We all thoroughly enjoyed, and are still re-living with colleagues as we speak. We have all confirmed that we must do again, and will be in touch in the near future.

Jan H. Kingsgate – Silver Flight , Battle of Britain Day, September 15th 2010
Shall certainly keep spreading the word – I’ve been telling everyone what a super experience it was and am still on a high from it.

Ken Ellis – Editor Flypast – Sunny Rutland
‘The six who had taken part while FlyPast was observing could not contain their excitement. All thought that it was amazing and exceptional value. Action Stations! has a great web-site and passengers are encouraged to share their thoughts and images with ‘surfers’ – take a look!’

Read the article ‘Fly with The Legend‘, by Ken Ellis , Editor of FlyPast

Denize K. – Canterbury
Hi Steve
Just to let you know how much I enjoyed the flight on the 3rd of July, it was a fantastic experience and an amazing concept, I am sure I will have to book another session in the future.

Denize K.

Andy T. – Bedfordshire
Dear Steve,
The adjectives have yet to be thought up to describe how brilliant it was to have a Spitfire flying just outside the window!

As Charlie changed sides and position regularly I’m sure everyone on board had plenty of time to take a variety of pictures from various angles. That done, the swooping from one side of the helicopter to the other was one of the most exhilarating things I have ever seen! The speed difference was amazing, and really gave a fantastic impression of the power and beauty of the beast!

It is an utterly unique experience, thank you so much for thinking it up and making it happen!

Tracy P. – Bucks
Hi Steve,
I Just wanted to drop you a note to say a huge thank you for a very special day on Saturday. Tony was blown away by the whole experience and everyone we spoke to had thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. He said he thought it was the best birthday present he had ever had.

Tony P. – Bucks
I know Tracy has passed on thanks for the day on Saturday with the Spitfire at Walletts Court, but I also wanted to express my own personal thanks to everyone that helped make it such a fantastic day. The experience was just incredible, I absolutely loved the whole event.

Mrs. Mandy B. – Bucks
Hi Steve,
I just wanted to send you a quick note with a very big thankyou to you and your team. Everyone was so friendly and willing to accomodate any requests, especially allowing my kids to view the planes up close. They loved it and my Dad was over the moon with his trip.

To see his face when he came out of the helicoptor was the best moment ever and worth every penny.

So thank you once again for helping to make my Dad a happy man.

Best wishes
Mrs. Mandy B.

Keith B. – Bucks
Hi Steve, Just a short note to say many thanks to all concerned at last Saturdays Spitfire flight day.

It was brilliant, can’t stop boring people with the story!! Hope this venture continues to be a success for you. Once again many thanks.

Keith B.

JS – Canterbury – Platinum customer
For those that have not personally piloted a fixed wing this is the next very best thing.

For those who would like to fly a genuine Spitfire, this is the only choice – short of travelling to Canada or taking your NPPL (approx cost £6,000. It is a bloody marvellous experience, the organisers are very enthusiastic, you get to meet people with a very specific interest and the chance to reflect the question just – what if—?

KB – Tunbridge Wells – Gold customer
An excellent sortie; thoroughly enjoyed myself and would happily recommend it to my friends.

Visibility was very good and the close flying was exciting. Missed a few shots because of the speed of approach but still very good overall.

JH – Sandwich – Platinum customer
The day itself was fantastic overall, my Mum didn’t know what to expect as you know, and everything fell into place nicely. The staff at Heli-Charter were all very pleasant and polite. The flight itself was smoother than expected, and it was great to fly over Canterbury. The meal at Walletts Court was great, not too heavy, just right, and ws a nice selection.

It was great to meet the pilot – he looked like he just stepped out of time machine!

Once again, many thanks for organising the day, it was a fantastic experience.

I look forward to seeing you again, and wish you all the best with the business and will be recommending the trip to many friends and colleagues!

SH – Basingstoke – Platinum customer
It was an out of this world experience, which everyone should have!

When the Spitfire came into sight, it was if I was transported back into the Battle of Britain. At times the plane comes so close, it is if you can reach out and shake the pilot’s hand.