Tours – Terms and Conditions

  1. We are operating a flying experiences programme to showcase vintage aircraft in flight.
  2. Our primary objective is to give our customers the opportunity to view and photograph these aircraft flying in settings reminiscent of the Battle of Britain, such as the White Cliffs of Dover. Whilst we will endeavour to fly to the scheduled location on the day, should the weather preclude us from doing so, we may elect to fly to Beach Head (white chalk cliffs) giving an equally spectacular setting.
  3. Flights can take place in both fixed wing and rotary aircraft, and we reserve the right to use one type or the other for the purposes of providing our customers with a photographic platform from which to view, observe, photograph or film the accompanied aircraft.
  4. Please note that we are not providing a rotary or fixed wing flying experience into which we add a vintage aircraft as a secondary element of the experience.
    The sole purpose of the experience is to provide our customers with the unique and exclusive opportunity to fly with these iconic classic aircraft. It is recommended that those customers who wish to take a specific rotary or fixed wing flight arrange this through one of the many companies who specialise in these respective types.
  5. Cancellation charges apply – please see our cancellation terms.

Should you have any further questions about our terms and conditions, please call our office on 01622 812830 or email us at