Spitfire NH341 Restoration Update #21

Read the April restoration update of the Aero Legends Spitfire NH341 which is being restored and converted to a dual cockpit T9 version.

Release Date: 29th April 2016

Period Covered: 1st April 2016 – 29th April 2016


Both wing fuel tanks have now been completed. Each tank has been successfully pressure test for 24hrs. The radiator bay structure has been completed. Work is now concentrating on the trailing edge structure.


All the fuselage skins have now been fitted. The cockpit doors will be started next.


The throttle boxes have been completed and are now fitted. The rear fuel tank selector has been finished and awaits fitting. The front blind flying panel has been trial fitted and the instrument upper panel blank has been made. The transponder and twin radios will be fitted in this panel along with the fuel transfer control. The perspex eyebrow panel for the front screen has been formed.


The compressor and hydraulic pumps complete with drives have now been fitted to the engine.

Next Month…

Outboard wing skins will be riveted on. Systems installation will continue. Rear instrument panel will be fitted. Cockpit doors will be finished. All paint match samples will have arrived and the final paint ordered.

Spitfire NH341 was built at Castle Bromwich as a Spitfire Low Level Fighter (LFIXE) and delivered to 8 MU on the 28th April 1944. It was sent to Miles Aircraft for modifications to be fitted before delivery to 411 (Grizzly Bear) squadron RCAF on 22nd June 1944. This was the only squadron NH341 served with and was flown by several pilots the most notable use of NH341 was in the hands of Flt Lt Hugh Charles Trainor who gained his third kill in 48 hours on 29th June 1944 when he downed an ME109 five miles West of Caen whilst flying her. Flt Lt Trainor destroyed another BF109 on the evening of 30th June 1944 over Thury Hurcourt, again in NH341. Flt Lt Trainor gained ace status later flying another Spitfire when he destroyed two more BF109s in a single flight on the 4th July, this was after NH341 had been lost on the 2nd July whilst being flown by another pilot who escaped unscathed after tangling with FW190s South East of Caen.

The Aero Legends Spitfire NH341 restoration and conversion to a dual cockpit T9 version is by the experts at Historic Flying Ltd (HFL), Duxford.