Special Operations

Aimed at the enthusiast, we are providing the unique opportunity to appreciate and get closer to classic aircraft, on the ground and in flight than previously possible. You will be able to meet the pilots, in some cases sit in the aircraft, and then accompany them in flight, seeing air to air sequences reminiscent of WW2.

Working with owners and operators, we select the place, the people and the aircraft to provide true enthusiasts with the quality time to enjoy the moment when a Merlin fires up, or a Spitfire makes a low pass down the airfield. Or perhaps when the cowling comes off and that Merlin needs a little TLC to make her roar again, you’ll see skilled engineers at work.


Sharing these moments with fellow enthusiasts and those running the aircraft is a most important part of what we do, and of course if we have the company of a veteran, who can tell us exactly what it was like to fly or maintain these aircraft, with their personal anecdotes – this really makes the day!