Frequent Flier? Read about our new Loyalty Offers!

2015 is the fifth anniversary of Action Stations – in our first full year of flying in 2010, we flew 175 people, and this confirmed in my mind at least, our flights with the Spitfire had tremendous potential and others would follow in my early customers footsteps. Now, with over 4,000 customers flown, fortunately I was right.

Sitting here in the early spring of 2015, eagerly awaiting our new flying season starting in May, I have been thinking how much we owe those who have flown with us in previous years. The generous praise they have heaped on our shoulders – the recommendations they have made to their friends and family - all of the kind letters they have written to me personally - these have propelled Action Stations forwards to where we are today.

It is with this in mind , that on this our fifth anniversary, I want to remind all of you who have flown , should you wish to participate in another flight with the Spitfire or Hurricane, or perhaps one of our new experiences flying with the B-17 ‘ Sally B’ , you are eligible for a 5% discount on your purchase.

Now believe it or not, there are enthusiasts who have flown two and even four times with us! As a gesture of thanks and appreciation for their custom, we are formally giving a 10% discount to all those who fly with us over two times, and this applies to all future purchases. This could be worth £187.00 off our top end experience, flying with Sally B! You would also be eligible to become a member of our exclusive Flying with Legends Club.

And to recognise the value of being recommended by word of mouth, we are offering all those new customers who have been recommended by a friend who has flown, a 5% discount off their first flight. If you are about to order on this basis , just let us know the name of the person who has flown with us and the date they flew, and voila , you’ll receive the discount.

For customers who have made a personal recommendation that has resulted in a new sale, this will also make them eligible for membership of our Flying with Legends Club, giving them the benefit of a 10% discount off all future purchases, and their own personalised Membership card.

Flying with Legends Club members will be the first to know about new experiences, and special offers. They will also be mailed the dates for future flying seasons first. As I said in the beginning, it is our customers who have propelled us to where we are now and I hope that with these loyalty offers it shows that we care about, and appreciate your custom.

Loyalty Offers

5% off future purchases if you have flown with us once

5% off future purchases if you have been recommended by a friend who has flown

10% off future purchases and entry into our Flying with Legends Club if you have flown with us twice or more

10% off future purchases and entry into our Flying with Legends Club if you recommend a friend who books a flight with us

To register for any of these discounts, and book your future experiences, please call our office on 01227 721929 , or send us a message

Here at Action Stations we are preparing for and looking forward to a wonderful fifth year of flying with legends. I hope that you’ll pick your favourite and come and fly with us again.

Kind regards - Steve