New Experience – Fly with a Lancaster

With only two of these magnificent aircraft left flying in the world today, the chance to fly with one of them is a unique and special opportunity which will be deeply appreciated by enthusiasts worldwide. Through the goodwill and support of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Action Stations is able to offer a limited number of seats on our observer flights on the UK tour by KB726 – the Mynarski Memorial Lancaster.

The Experience

Flying alongside the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museums Lancaster will be the Action Stations aircraft, with lucky enthusiasts on board filming, photographing or simply admiring this legendary aircraft in flight as she cruises around the skies of the Solent.

  • The observation aircraft you will be in is a Piper Chieftain
  • Join the Lancaster for the thirty minute flight
  • The aircraft will be positioned for maximum photographic effect
  • Ground tour of the Lancaster and the opportunity to take photographs
  • Meet some of the Lancaster Crew
  • Framed presentation Photograph of the Lancaster

Dates 13th SEPTEMBER from Bournemouth Airport

The cost of this once in a lifetime experience is £2,150 per person.

Discounts are offered for multiple bookings.

Aircraft – The Lancaster Bomber

Registered as C-GVRA, she is flying in the markings of the RCAF 419 (Moose) Squadron.

The Canadian Lancaster is named after one courageous RCAF pilot, P/O Andrew Mynarski, who attempted to rescue his rear gunner whilst his aircraft was crippled after an attack by an enemy night fighter. He fought his way to the back of the aircraft to release his fellow crew member, who fortunately survived. P/O Mynarski unfortunately didn’t, and his terrible ordeal and selfless actions were recognised as acts of extreme bravery, and he was awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously. The Canadian Lancaster proudly wears the colours and markings of this brave chap.

Lancaster 3

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s Lancaster Mk X – you can fly with her in August!

Lancaster Stats

  • Crew: 7: pilot, flight engineer, navigator, bomb aimer/nose gunner, wireless operator, mid-upper and rear gunners
  • Length: 69 ft 4 in (21.11 m)
  • Wingspan: 102 ft 0 in (31.09 m)
  • Height: 20 ft 6 in (6.25 m)
  • Engine: 4 × Rolls-Royce Merlin XX liquid-cooled V12
  • Maximum speed: 282 mph (246 knots, 454 km/h)

Fly with the Lancaster experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Limited tickets available – call to book 01227 721929.


lancaster 2

Registered as C-GVRA, she is flying in the markings of the RCAF 419 (Moose) Squadron.

Terms and Conditions – Fly with a Lancaster Experiences

Our normal Terms and Conditions apply to these experiences In addition:

  • Experiences are sold subject to the aircraft being in a serviceable condition to fly. Should this not be the case, the ticket will be refunded in full within 30 days.
  • Action Stations offer their flights with the Lancaster in good faith, however if flying is prevented by circumstances outside of our control, we reserve the right to cancel the flight and re-schedule it. Such criteria could include, but are not limited to aircraft serviceability, weather, or regulatory control.
  • If re-scheduling is not possible, the ticket holder will be given the option to exchange the experience for another of the same or similar value provided by Action Stations, or alternatively a refund within 30 days will be given.

Call us to book

Limited tickets available – please call 01227 721929 to book or email us