Fly In A Spitfire 2017 and have launched a stunning new Fly In A Spitfire 2017 experience.

For those who book the 2017 experience in 2016 the extensive package starts at just £2500. It includes a flight in the Mk IX Spitfire NH341 and and two invitations to the maiden flight - due at the end of this Spitfire 80th Anniversary year. Also included with the named tickets in the Gift pack, are re-prints of the original Spitfire Pilot Notes, an NH341 History Book, a 1940's Spitfire Greetings card and Members Badge. The whole experience is designed to make the perfect Spitfire flying gift.

NH341 Code DB-E flew with the the famous pilots of RCAF 411 Squadron and had two kills over Normandy in June 1944. NH341 was the warbird of fighter ace Flt Lt Hugh 'Charlie' Trainor and other Grizzly Bear pilots.

The Aero Legends Spitfire NH341 Code DB-E is being restored and converted to a dual cockpit T9 version by the experts at Historic Flying Ltd (HFL), Duxford. Follow the restoration of our Mk IX Spitfire NH341 on our Aero Legends restoration blog