Cancellation / Date Change Terms

Our policy is to operate our experiences with a complete commitment to customer satisfaction. When one is booked, we are committed to you our customer, and you in turn are committing to us to show up on the day you have booked, at the allotted check in time. Failure to do so, without prior written agreement will make the booking null and void, and no refund will be given.

Our ‘Fly with a Fighter’ events are unique in providing our customers with the thrilling experience of flying with either the Hurricane or Spitfire or even both on occasions. The planning and management of each event is done to a very high degree and if someone drops out having booked a place, we have to go to a considerable amount of trouble and cost to fill that space. Consequently we take the matter of cancellation or date changes very seriously, and we expect anyone booking to treat the matter accordingly. All circumstances leading to a cancellation will be taken into consideration and a decision made at our discretion.

Because we have experienced indiscriminate late cancellations in the past, we have decided to update our terms accordingly – effective immediately.

Cancellation by you
Once tickets are purchased, there is a statutory seven day ‘cooling off’ period during which you can request and will receive a full refund. After that time all tickets are non -refundable

There are exceptions such as pregnancy – If you are unable to take part in your flight during the validity period of the ticket because you are pregnant, we will extend the validity period by 9 months from the baby’s due date provided that before the expiry of the validity period of your vouchers you contact us in writing or by email or fax and in addition supply us with a copy of a valid MATB1 (obtainable from 26 weeks of pregnancy) relating to your pregnancy.

Illness or incapacitation. We are sympathetic to anyone suffering from illness and unable to attend and enjoy an event. All genuine requests will be treated on an individual basis, and they must be supported by your doctor or medical advisor as appropriate. We will normally re-schedule your experience to the next available date on a ‘once only’ basis.

Overseas customers.
We particularly appreciate you travelling to fly with our Spitfire/ Hurricane – we know how much they each mean to many ‘non – UK’ visitors, and we recognise the investment in time and money you make coming to see us! Therefore if your flight has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and you have had to bear the cost of international travel to take up your experience, whilst we will not refund those costs, as a gesture of goodwill, we will refund the value of your Action Stations ticket if purchased directly from us.

Cancellation by us
The majority of our flights go ahead as planned, however, we are flying in the UK and like other outdoor experiences, and we are subject to the vagaries of the weather. Please also acknowledge that we are flying vintage aircraft which are subject to thorough and extensive safety checks and maintenance programmes, which sometimes pick up faults necessitating unscheduled repairs, and therefore delays.

Despite the best preparation and planning we sometimes have to cancel flights at short notice, in some cases on the day itself. We always do our very best to work around these delays by extending the flying programme, adding more flights, or another day of flying. However we can’t always come up with the magic solution and you may have to come back another day to have your experience.

So please read the following terms!

Short notice cancellation
We may at our discretion cancel your flight for any booked date or alter its’ time without notice because of matters beyond our or their reasonable control, for example adverse weather conditions, or for safety or legal reasons. However, you will be given as much notice of any cancellation or alteration as is possible.

Flying on an alternative date
Should we need to cancel, you will be offered the opportunity to book another date during the current flying season if possible. Should there be limited availability, or there isn’t a date that fits in with your plans, your ticket can be re-validated for the following season – this applies only to re-bookings after mid – season (July onwards)

Refund due to weather or aircraft unserviceability

Full refund request.Under normal circumstances all tickets are non-refundable, however you are entitled to a monetary refund if you do not fly after four booked dates – for example if flights are cancelled due to unsuitable weather conditions, mechanical unserviceability of the aircraft (Chieftain/ Spitfire/ Hurricane) . The following conditions apply to this refund:
– You must notify us in writing that you want a refund instead of flying, within 21 days of the date booked for the last flight attempt.
– We will deduct a £50 handling fee per voucher
– You must return the vouchers at your cost and risk in the state and condition in which they were when delivered, to our address at Lyngs Farm House, Lees Road, Yalding, Kent ME18 6HB, before a refund or exchange will be issued.
(Please note we are only able to make a refund to the original ticket purchaser – not the recipient.)

50% Monetary Refund request. You are entitled to a monetary refund equal to 50% of the amount paid for each ticket if you do not fly after three booked dates because the flights are cancelled by us. If you decide to take this early opt-out, the following conditions apply:
– You must notify us in writing that you want an early opt-out instead of flying, within 21 days of the date booked for the last flight attempt.
– You must return the vouchers at your cost and risk in the state and condition in which they were when delivered, to our address at Lyngs Farm House, Lees Road, Yalding, Kent ME18 6HB, before a refund or exchange will be issued.
(Please note we are only able to make a refund to the original ticket purchaser – not the recipient.)

Requests for refunds
must be made initially by phone and then followed up in writing, accompanied by the original ticket and copy of invoice. This is to ensure that we have a documented request that both parties can refer to and avoid further claims and disputes.
Once your request is received, please allow 30 working days for the refund to be processed and for payment to be received on the account of the original ticket purchaser.

Force Majeure
Should other circumstances outside of our control ,which could not have been prevented despite all efforts and precautions on our side – for example Acts of God, riots, civil unrest, put stop to an event, refunds will not be given. All booked passengers will be re-scheduled to future dates when the event will be held as normal, after the disruption has passed.

Date Changes Terms – Re-booking
Because our flights are booked in advance, each one is planned taking into account each customer – especially their body weight. As you can imagine this is a logistical challenge!

If one person drops out of a flight the knock on effect can mean a whole day of flight planning has to be re-worked. Unfortunately this creates costs that we have to cover.

Therefore when requesting a change of date up to 30 days before the original date fixed, you will be charged an administration fee of £55.00 (incl. VAT) payable at the time of re-booking.

This fee is applied to every date change request, up to 30 days before the event date booked. Within 30 days before the booked event, the decision to accommodate the date change request will be made at our discretion, and will depend on availability of another date at a future event. If we can make the change, we will do so, and an admin fee of £105.00 inc. VAT will be charged.

Would someone you know like to fly instead?
Rather than cancel or make a date change, and have to pay the penalty, it may be worth considering finding a friend or relative to replace you on a flight. After all, this is the flying experience of a life time, and many would jump at the chance to fly instead of you!

Cancellation Terms and Conditions
Our terms and conditions apply to all purchases through our websites and through telephone bookings. They can be changed at any time, so ensure that you read and understand them before making your final booking.

Should you have any questions regarding these, please call our office on 01622 812830.