Business Terms and Conditions

A. Statement of Trust:
1. We trade on the basis of a mutual trust, between our customers and our suppliers. We believe that our suppliers work hard to deliver the best product at a fair price, and we in turn deliver an excellent product at fair prices, which customers then enjoy and appreciate.

B. Product Descriptions:
1. Whilst every care has been taken to provide an accurate visual representation of the tour experiences available for purchase, individual screen sizes and settings may alter individual colour reproduction.
2. In addition, because screen technology is still being improved, occasionally your monitor may be unable to do full justice to some of the images depicted.

C. Pricing and Payment:
1. All goods offered for sale through our website are priced in pounds sterling and are inclusive of VAT.
2. Action Stations! * will remain the owner of any goods or services sold until full payment for such goods or services is received from the customer.

D. Service Conditions:
1. Except as otherwise expressly mentioned in these conditions,Action Stations!. shall not be liable for any loss or damage (whether direct or indirect) to the customer or a third party due to negligence during the tour. This does not affect your Statutory Rights under the Sale of Goods Act 1979.

E: Booking Conditions:
1. All bookings are accepted subject to availability.
2. All bookings shall be paid for in full at time of ordering (unless a product is available for part payment/deposit)
3. If due to circumstances beyond our control  - i.e. mechanical failure/ weather conditions, we will notify the customer and arrange an alternative booking date.
4. Arrival  - all customers who have pre–booked , should arrive 30 minutes before the tour is due to depart, to allow vehicle/ aircraft loading.
5. ‘No Show’. If a customer does not turn up for their pre- booked and pre – paid tour, 30 minutes before departure, we reserve the right to sell their place to another party on the day.
6. All flying passengers must be able to walk 50 metres. Due to the payload restrictions of the aircraft, there is a maximum weight limit for each passenger. Some aircraft also have height restrictions. Check below.
Tiger Moth/T6 Harvard - Must be aged 14 or over, maximum 18 stone (115kg), able to climb in & out of aircraft.
Jackaroo - Student pilot must be aged 14 or over, maximum 16.5 stone (105kg) under 6ft, able to climb in & out of aircraft.
Optional Second passenger must be aged 14 or over, maximum weight 10 stone (63.5kg) under 6ft, able to climb in & out of aircraft.
Devon - Must be aged 7 or over (under 14 must fly with adult), maximum 18 stone (115kg), able to climb in & out of aircraft.
T9 Spitfire - Must be aged 18 or over, maximum 16 stone 7lbs (105kg), under 6ft 6inches (198cm), able to climb in & out of aircraft. Further health restrictions apply under the SSAC rules set by the CAA.

F: Customer Satisfaction:
1. We take the greatest care to ensure all our tours offer the highest level of customer satisfaction and enjoyment, if however a customer is unsatisfied , we will make every effort to rectify the situation to ensure the customer is fully satisfied.
2. If a customer would like to make a complaint the matter should be raised with the tour director on the day. He or she will do everything within their immediate power to resolve the matter. If that is not possible, they will take the matter to a Company Director, who will take on the personal responsibility and ownership of the matter until complete resolution has been achieved
3. Customers who wish to complain to the Company , other than through a Tour Director should contact our customer services department on 01622 812830

G: Privacy Policy:
1.Action Stations!  Maintains a strict privacy policy. Because we are committed to protecting customer privacy, we will only use the information we collect about customers lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and according to recommended codes of practice.
2.E-mails we receive and send are kept on our computer systems to ensure that we have a record of all orders placed.
3.However, because the storage of personal information is covered by legislation, we have adopted a simple policy of not disclosing personal information to third parties other than where necessary to fulfil orders. This policy offers total peace of mind and means customers shouldn't be pestered by unsolicited telephone calls, e-mails or junk mail.
4.We also use this information to update visitors who have registered their details with us, and requested to be kept updated of our latest products.
5.We collect information about our customers to process orders, and to provide the best possible service and also where customers have requested us to keep details.
6.The information we collect about customers includes only their name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and, where it has been supplied, details of any particular areas of interest.
7.This information will have been supplied by the customer either when ordering or when requesting further information or updates. We do not hold your credit/debit card details, and use them for the sole purpose of carrying out the transaction to purchase our products.
8.From time to time we will inform our customers of new products that we introduce, and solicit their comments for the purpose of improving our service. Customers who do not wish to receive mailings can unsubscribe by emailing us using our "Contact us" link in the website.

H: Photography:
Taking of photographs and video for private purposes only is permitted. We do not allow the use of such for commercial purposes. Should professional photography be required, individual flights can be arranged where the right aircraft and in flight accommodation for camera crew and equipment can be arranged. Please state your requirements on booking.

I: Copyright:
We are the originators of the Fly with a Spitfire © Experiences and offer these in good faith to our customers on the understanding that they then do not copy/ steal/ plagiarise any or all of experiences that we have carefully developed for the safety and enjoyment of our customers. We lay claim to being the first to market with our innovative experiences and are therefore the rightful owners of the intellectual property associated with the Fly with a Spitfire © Experiences, and similarly with Fly with a Fighter, Fly with a Hurricane and other similar warbird experiences.

We will vigorously pursue any persons or organisations which deliberately infringe our rights. For further information on copyright ownership, please follow this link

Action Stations! is the trading name of the company operating aviation tours, and belongs to Aero Legends Ltd, whose registered address is The Carriage House, Mill Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 6YE.