de Havilland Dove

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When you book your Flight Tour with us we want your experience to be safe, comfortable and rewarding…..


de Havilland Dove

With vintage style, roomy seats and large panoramic windows the de Havilland Devon succeeds on all levels and allows you to take the most amazing photographs.

We fly our guests in an ex-RAF 1946 de Havilland Devon, famously used by Air Chief Marshall Sir Basil Embry as his personal transport during his time as Commander Of Allied Forces, Central Europe. In 1985 the aircraft joined the Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) at RAF Coningsby, where the aircraft was used as a crew transport in support of the BBMF Lancaster, Spitfires and Hurricanes. The Devon and its non-military sister the de Havilland Dove were exceptionally successful, proving reliable and economical in service. They became one of the best selling British aircraft of the 1950’s. The Devon is a comfortable aircraft inside, with roomy seats and large panoramic windows. There are excellent photo opportunities for your very special Air Tour.

Aero Legends have been operating flight experiences from Headcorn Aerodrome since 2014. Its location in the heart of Kent allows passengers to travel through the same airspace in which the Battle of Britain was fought so furiously.

For our Fly With A Spitfire guests, soon after take-off you will be thrilled to see the Spitfire, Hurricane or other heritage aircraft draw alongside, and marvel at the clear views of the legendary fighters! Now you are flying in the very airspace where some of the most intense aerial battles were fought in ‘the long, hot summer of 1940’.

The sight takes your breath away. Imagine yourself as a young pilot at the time – what emotions he must have felt in the moments before he flung his machine into battle. From the comfort of the de Havilland Dove, the sight of our Spitfire drawing alongside takes you back to those days – it’s almost as if you are flying in The Battle of Britain!